VERSE Bm G You are my child and I am your Father D A Spend time with me my sons and daughters Bm G I whisper I love you and it rings forever D A Drink of my love cause nothing is better PRE-CHORUS G D And I sing and dance when I’m thinking of you A Bm And I’m always thinking of you G D You’ll sing and dance when you think of me too A Bm It’s what I made you to do CHORUS D A Bm G Sons and daughters feel my pleasure D A Bm G For you are my treasure D A Bm G Daughters and sons you’ve been ransomed D A Bm G New life has begun BRIDGE G D A Bm I sought you, you were lost G D A You were worth the cost Lyrics and chords provided by

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Mid / 145
Theme:God's Love
SongwritersJoel Gerdis

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