VERSE 1 G D You gave away Your freedom for my heart Em The price You paid to give eternal life C The limits of Your grace go past the heavens Em D The universe could not contain Your love CHORUS G How great is Your love D/F# My soul surrenders Em C To who You are and all You’ve done G I’ll lift my praises D/F# To You my savior Em C For who You are and all You’ve done VERSE 2 G D Passion moved Your heart to save my soul Em D The universe declares Your love for us C The splendor of Your glory came from heaven Em D The proof of God pursuing us with love BRIDGE |2X| Em Maker of the heavens C There is none like You G My soul longs for You D And I believe Em Holy is Your name C The most beautiful G D None can stand against my King Chords and lyrics provided by

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Mid / 74
Theme:God's Love
Scripture:Jeremiah 10:6
SongwritersAndres Figueroa, Carlos Pimentel, Mariah McManus

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