VERSE G Bm Your love for me won't change A F#m Even when I hold back, Even when I'm hiding G Bm You cover me with grace A F#m Even in my failure, Even in the striving PRECHORUS Em Bm You crossed the distances to find my heart D A And now there's nothing left to say but CHORUS D A Bm Oh, how I love You, How I need You G D How beautiful Your grace A Bm How You love me, How treat me G How beautiful Your grace VERSE G Bm You run to me, my Father A You're singing through the darkness, F#m Speaking to my need G Bm You say to me, my Savior A F#m That You will not abandon, You will never leave BRIDGE A Bm Mercy, You are mercy G D You're the healing for my heart A Bm Worthy, You call me worthy G D You've loved me from the start Chords and lyrics provided by
Recommended Key
Mid / 146
SongwritersNicole Serrano, Tyler Roberts, Lindsey Sweat, Jacob Sooter